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Easy Christmas gift ideas

Written by on November 8th, 2018.      0 comments

IMG 1021At Go Native we love making gifts from scratch, and would like to inspire you to find the time to make things too.  

A simple way is to get some small skincare pots (we sell them in Packaging), fill them with one of our Ready-made moisturiser bases, add few drops of essential oil, give it a good stir with a spoon and there you have a pot of personalised cream for a gift.

It's a whole lot more fun than battling Xmas crowds!

Need it yesterday?
Send your gift direct to the receiver by using the recipient address option at checkout.


Some ideas

Face mask

Buy someIMG 1532 of our packaged face masks, or some cosmetic clay and jars that you can dispense into. Clays have been used for skincare for thousands of years, but they have never been more relevant than now. Most of us live in urban environments with many invisible pollutants, and are looking for ways to cleanse our skin gently but thoroughly.

A DIY kit
DIY kits for Christmas
Give others the pleasure of making their own skincare, with a DIY kit. They are beautifully presented and have all ingredients and instructions.

Melt and pour soap kits are fun for kids, and adults enjoy them too. Check out the mini kits, with a mould, some soap, fragrance and maybe mica for colouring.

Cold process soapmaking is definitely not for children (sodium hydroxide is a dangerous chemical until it reacts with oils!) but it's immensely satisfying for the intrepid. Pure, real soap is wonderful to use, and making it is addictive.

Then there is our range of skin and haircare kits, as well as deodorant pack. The body butter and moisturiser kits are great gifts, with a choice of fragrances (and also unfragranced).

Want to make your own, but have little time?

Chia oil giftKeep on hand a bottle of a lovely oil such as organic jojoba or organic rosehip, and some 20ml dropper bottles or roll-ons that you can fill. Make handmade labels, and you have some gifts!

If you buy 20ml bottles and need some blank labels, tell us in the message box when you order, and we will include some with your order.

Wonderful night oils are pomegranate and organic macadamia. Lighter oils are arganjojobacamelliabarbary fig, and the ever-popular rosehip. Kiwi seed is a lighter oil that some of us love for its easy absorption and nourishing feel. You may like to make a blend such as Frances' facial oil or beard oil.

A small bottle of skincare oil also makes a great last-minute gift for those people that unexpectedly give you something, and you'd like to reciprocate...

A bit more time?
lip balm makingUse one of our recipes to make something that you can put in individual jars.

1. Balm - If you are just starting out on making skincare products, a balm is a great way to begin. There are lots of possibilities:

Buy a DIY lip balm.
Use one of our recipes (our chocolate lip balm recipe is fabulous!)
Create your own recipe with organic beeswax and organic oils, and the info here.
A baby balm or body balm is great in a 200ml jar - these are quite solid.
For a lip balm, there are lip balm pots (choose 15 or 30ml) or plastic lip balm tubes (a bit trickier - make sure the balm has cooled a bit before filling)
If you are into serious production, buy one of our lip balm filling trays. It makes the process so easy.
Balms are so versatile – you can make them soft or firm, with a range of oils. And if it's not quite right first time, melt again and add a bit of something!

2. Hair mask - Once the summer sun shows its strength, hair treatment will be much appreciated – make it yourself with these tried and true recipes: Amazing hair mask or Summer hair repair.

3. Butters - Make some Summer cream, or Shaving butter from the website.

4. Massage oil – go here to create your own blend, and here’s a simple but fragrant recipe.

5. Moisturiser – make your own, or add fragrance to our light moisturiser creamor rich moisturiser cream (or maybe they'd enjoy making it themselves with a moisturiser kit?)

Getting organised now?
 Belly butter-645
Creams/moisturisers - see recipes on the website.
Make a batch of cold-process soap, cut it into individual bars, and wrap for gifts. If you haven't done it before, the basic kit is the perfect way to start - all ingredients and full instructions, a trustworthy recipe (there are some weird ones out there!) and a loaf mould.

Melt & pour soap is a great way to involve younger members of the family in making gifts. Choose some moulds and buy a kilo or two of melt & pour soap. Have fun adding fragrance and mica for soaps that only you would have created!

Bath bombs are another straightforward and satisfying thing to make. The mould is inexpensive, and the recipes reliable.

Bath melts are even easier to make and fun to use - they have fizz and fragrance... and they make the skin feel great!
Have fun and be sure to tag us in your creations on Instagram, @go_native_nz!
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