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Go Native Makers | Hair, make-up and nail artist Tanya Barlow

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"There's an incredible freedom and feeling of accomplishment in making my own products" - Auckland-based hair, make-up and nail artist Tanya (aka @HelloTanya) shares her natural cosmetics journey, and the advice she's picked up along the way.

Hi Tanya! Tell us a bit about yourself – where do you live, and what do you do for a day job?
Hello! My name is Tanya, and I'm a freelance hair, make-up and nail artist! I have a home-based nail salon in Mount Eden where I regularly see nail clients when I'm not doing make up for photoshoots or film/television. 
What products are you making at the moment? 
I'm currently making small batches of cuticle oil that I use in-salon and sell to my clients. I'm looking at possibly making a balm/hand cream in the future, as well as some face oil blends for skin prep for make up jobs!
When did you discover Go Native/natural beauty?
I've known about Go Native for about five years, and found out about it through my dear friend Chelsea who helps run it! When I decided to start making my own cuticle oils, I was stoked to be able to support not only a local business, but a friend!

Have you had any mishaps in the process of making your own cuticle oils? What lessons did you take from them?
The only mishaps I've really had in the process of making the cuticle oils is the occasional over-enthusiastic pour or pipette squeeze. When this happens, I just double (or triple!) my recipe to make up for it! Thankfully I've had no major spills or problems, fingers crossed it stays that way.

What's the coolest thing you've learned in the process of making your own products?
There's an incredible freedom and feeling of accomplishment in making my own products. It was during a conversation I had with my friend (and hairdresser!) Adelle Rodda, who runs a haircare line called Botaniq, who asked why I didn't just make my own cuticle oil, if I was using it every day anyway.

She was incredibly helpful and instrumental in talking me through the process of blending, ratios of oils to essential oils, and helped me to pick out specific oils with skin-healing properties that would also simultaneously absorb quickly. Being able to offer the same beautiful oil for clients to take home that I use in salon helps them maintain their manicures in between appointments, and also keep a little bit of the Hello Tanya brand around!

As a make-up and nail artist, what natural beauty products or ingredients do you find yourself recommending most often?
I personally love prepping skin (my own as well as clients!) with marula oil. There are common misconceptions about using facial oils, thinking that it leaves skin oily. Not true! It acts as a beautiful moisturising base to work on, is full of all the good stuff like antioxidants, hydrates the skin and adds a beautiful glowy effect. I use it every day!

I also love Mario Badescu's Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rose Water. Come to think of it, I could probably mix up my own version!

Who are your favourite social media follows for natural cosmetics inspiration?
I'll namedrop Adelle and her haircare line a second time: @botaniq_nz! She creates everything herself with natural and effective ingredients and I love them. I also really like @iamshelives, her focus is on natural and cruelty-free health and beauty products, lifestyle and food, and she's also really lovely!

Fellow makers include @minimalist_boutiqueskincare and @girlundiscovered. I'm also obsessed with @tonic_room in Kingsland, their shop is full to the brim with covetable natural products!

You can find Tanya's inspiring works of art (on nails, faces and hair!) on Instagram: @hellotanya.

If you're a maker that uses Go Native ingredients, we'd love to feature you on these pages! Drop us a line at 

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^^ Tanya is a maker at heart, she's also been known to make and sell her own jewellery, such as these pom-pom earrings.

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^^ Clients at Tanya's in-home salon get to experience her hand-blended cuticle oil, and can also purchase a bottle to take home.


^^ Tanya's work is frequently featured in fashion and lifestyle magazine editorials.