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Introducing our new facial serums

Written by on March 13th, 2018.      0 comments

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Introducing our new pre-blended facial serums, designed to repair and replenish.

The team at Go Native have always enjoyed experimenting with oil blends, and after years of testing them on ourselves, we've landed upon two formulations we really like, and think you might too. 

We don't think skincare needs to be fussy, time-consuming or expensive, and that's why we're usually advocates of making your own. But we also know lots of you out there want a convenient, ready-made alternative every now and then, so hope this satisfies that need!

We frequently find ourselves balking at the unnecessary ingredients listed on the back of many conventional cosmetics - mainstream and high-end - when we know that premium, potent, natural ingredients can often speak for themselves.

Our two new serums are pre-blended to a careful ratio, and enhanced with skin-calming and moisturising ingredients. They're sold in volumes (20ml, 60ml and 100ml) that make it easy and affordable for those desiring high quality, off-the-shelf natural skincare.

Go Native's Hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic day serum

Our 100% natural, water-based facial serum contains 3% hyaluronic acid and organic, palm oil-free glycerin, helping to replenish moisture in the surface layers of the skin for a plump and hydrated appearance.

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Night Repair Serum

Our intensely hydrating and calming night serum with anti-inflammatory botanicals helps to replenish your skin's natural oils while you sleep.

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