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Your tips for surviving the run-up to Christmas

Written by on November 28th, 2018.      0 comments

It's always coffee o'clock

The run-up to Christmas is a busy period for everyone, but it can be especially taxing for those of us working in small businesses. Here are the self-care tips you shared with us on Instagram and Facebook. Here's to a calm and happy December!


Get outside

get outside self care tips NZ

"I go into nature. I hug trees, sit in the forest floor. Watch for dappled light 🌿. Or I sit seaside/cliff side - regardless of weather. My nature connections are my calm and my inspiration :)"
- Amber-Pixie on Facebook.

"I would say remember self-care is important and there’s many ways to treat yourself like going for a walk connecting with papatuanuku, having you time, having a bath or shower infused with essential oils that will ease your mind and body and help you relax, and do something that lifts your spirits…" - @the_lizzy_edition_au on Instagram

Plan your meals

meal planning self care

"The biggest thing that helps me is meal planning. I save time, money, and ensure I fuel my body with good nutritious wholefoods.When i get busy, it's too easy to fall into bad eating habits, which just causes my health to suffer. Good food is ensuring your body is cared for!"- Kate on Facebook.

(Some of the Go Native team subscribe to weekly vegan food box delivery service, The Kai Box, for the same reason!)

Lavender is your friend


"Take one day at a time and think ahead. Also a diary is a must, and the occasional bath if you’re lucky enough to have one. A good dash of lavender oil sprinkled in either bath or shower and on your pillow." - @soap_stiles on Instagram

Check out our range of lavender essential oils here. If you don't have a bath or don't have time for one, as Soap Stiles says, a couple of drops in your shower tray can be just as soothing. Simply inhale the relaxing, fragrant steam. (Be sure to regularly clean shower tray in between uses though to prevent any slipperiness)

A sign can be handy 

closed sign

"Have a ‘closed’ sign on the studio door and shut it at set times, especially if you work from home! Have device-free time, with a cuppa and sit outside. Listen. Breathe. Relax." - @loomworkshop on Instagram

Five-minute yoga

"I do a short gratitude meditation and/or five mins of yoga in the morning just to get me started…and yeah, lavender oil in the Dr Bronner liquid soap in the shower is a must!” - @K_J_Smith on Instagram

There are some great morning yoga and guided meditation sessions available for free on YouTube if you're new to that kind of thing, like this 5-minute session from Yoga with Adriene.

Bathe like a goddess* 


“I’ve started taking daily Goddess baths. I’m experimenting with sprinkling about a cup of clay in my bathwater…with an essential oil solubilizer, and at the moment organic sweet lavender oil." - @JoseeLeBelCelebrant – naturopath/herbalist from Ohope Beach.

*We can't promise it'll look like this!

Prioritise your wellbeing

 take time to garden

"I am just very new in business but already noticed that you MUST look after yourself if you want to succeed. For me it is once a week early sleep to recharge and I like to clear my mind and get inspired in my garden, especially after busy weekends at the markets. Good coffee and baking a cake once a week is my kind of relaxation too." - @SanoLifestyle on Instagram

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this post! If you have any more tips to add, feel free to share them on one of the original posts on either Facebook or Instagram