Amazing hair mask

Amazing hair mask

(Makes 200g)


100g rapeseed oil
40g conditioner pellets
30g shea butter
20g jojoba oil
10g polysorbate 20

The rapeseed oil will make the mask yellow. If you want it to be less colourful, swap that oil for macadamia, almond, camellia, or sunflower oil.


Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and heat until melted.
Pour into a wide-mouthed jar and leave to set.

To use

Apply liberally all over dry hair. Wrap hair in clingfilm and leave on as long as possible.
Overnight is perfect.
Shampoo out.

In summer if you are swimming a lot, you can put a lesser amount on, comb through your hair and leave in. It actually doesn't look too greasy to wear during the day.

Alternatively, buy one of our hair mask packs to make the process even easier! 

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