Balancing cream cleanser

Balancing cream cleanser

Hydrating and balancing while still cleansing, this creamy formulation removes grime and make-up nicely without over-drying. Use with a hot muslin face cloth.

(Makes 250ml)
Step 1
22g jojoba oil
22g castor oil
18g emulsifying wax NF

Step 2
75g lavender hydrosol
45g filtered water
7g glycerin 

Step 3
1g Geogard 221
8 drops geranium essential oil
8 drops cedarwood essential oil

250ml amber bottle
Lotion pump


Heat water and oil phases separately until they reach 65°C. 

Combine the first two phases and blend. When the mixture begins to thicken, add the essential oils and Geogard 221.

Pour into a bottle with a lotion pump while still warm, before it thickens too much.

To use, massage onto skin and polish with a damp muslin face cloth or flannel. 
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