Manuka butter

Go Native NZ manuka body butter

(Makes 200g


Oil Phase

50g NZ organic beeswax

50g emulsifier O

10g NZ kawakawa infused oil

10g NZ blackcurrant seed oil

10g NZ hazelnut oil

10g NZ walnut oil

Water Phase
150g water

50g manuka extract

Last Phase
2g Geogard 221

2g manuka essential oil

1. In two small pots, heat the Oil Phase ingredients until melted. Heat the Water Phase ingredients to 65°C.

2. When both phases are 65°C combine the two into one pot and blend with a stick blender until it begins to thicken.

3. Add the Last Phase ingredients and blend.

4. Spoon into jars.


Body Butter-284-545