Shea & rose

Palm-free shea butter & rose CP soap

Ingredients: (You can purchase an unfragranced palm-free CP soapmaking kit HERE which includes the basics required for the base including coconut oil, shea butter, liquid oil, sodium hydroxide and loaf mould.)

Method: See our Cold-process soapmaking with pictures HERE and our how-to video HERE

Once you've got your CP soap mixture made, split it between two bowls, 2/3 of the mixture in one and 1/3 in the other. 

To the smaller mixture add the purple clay and red mica, blending with a stick blender, until you're happy with the colour. Pour into your mould.

Do the same with the larger mixture and the titanium dioxide (don't forget to wash your blender in between!!). Make sure it's quite thick so that you can form peaks on the top.

Pour the mixture gently on top of your purple layer. Use your spatular to create peaks down the middle. Use a sieve (or tea strainers work well) to lightly dust the top of the soap with silver satin mica then place individual rosebuds along the top of the soap, spacing them out so that when you cut the soap each bar will have one.

Cover it with something that's going to keep the all the pretty details on the top safe. I place a second silicon mould upside down on top and made a little cocoon for the soap, then gently wrap it in a couple of towels and place somewhere safe and warm to saponify.

Palm-free shea butter and rose CP soam recipe