Brazil nut & amla mask

Brazil nut & amla hair mask recipe

Brazil nut & amla hair mask

Brazil nut oil is considered one of the best hair conditioners, adding shine while repairing split ends. Rich in vitamins A & E, brazil nut oil is said to be wonderful for helping nourish & rejuvenate damaged & dehydrated hair.⁠

Amla infused oil is very popular in haircare because of its high vitamin C content & healing properties. In mask form it works to keep strands silky & conditioned, while also preventing scalp infection & stimulating growth.⁠

Shea butter is extremely moisturising & high in vitamins A & E as well as essential fatty acids which can help reduce frizz & enhance shine & at the same time protect hair from heat damage.⁠

Makes approx 100g

29.5g  - brazil nut oil
29.5g  - amla infused oil

20g  - conditioner pellets
15g  - shea butter, certified organic
5g  - d-panthenol
1g  - vitamin E
6 drops  - essential oil (optional)

Gently melt all ingredients except essential oil in a pot. Once melted take off the heat & stir in essential oil. Pour into a jar (100ml pots work well) & leave to set. To in the fridge to speed up the process.

Apply liberally to dry hair. Wrap hair in a warm towel & leave in as long as possible. Overnight is if possible. Shampoo out & wash hair as usual.
Also works well as a hair styling product to tame frizz, just use the tiniest amount, rub into palms & gently run through dry hair, concentrating on the ends.