Lavender shampoo

Lavender shampoo . . . and showergel

(Makes approx 2kg)

1kg water
1kg decyl glucoside
340g organic herb extract (20g dried herbs in 340g water; pour boiling water over herbs and strain after 15 mins minimum)
250g lauryl glucoside
40g cocoglucoside & glyceryl oleate
10g organic lavender essential oil
10g Geogard 221
5g citric acid solution *

1. Heat the 2 glucosides plus 500g of water until they are blended.
2. Add the herbal extract and cocoglucoside & glyceryl oleate.
3. Leave to cool.
4. Add the essential oil and citric acid solution. Blend.
5. Add the last 500g of water until desired viscosity is reached. You may need more or less. It will thicken over time too.

*To make citric acid solution: Dissolve 5g citric acid in 50g water. Add 5g of this solution to this recipe and keep the rest for next time.

To make a showergel, use the same recipe but leave out the cocoglucoside & glyceryl oleate.

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