Luxurious conditioner

Luxurious conditioner

(Makes approx 3kg)

Step 1
2.5kg water
60g organic dried herbs

Step 2
350g conditioner pellets

Step 3
250ml cocoglucoside & glyceryl oleate
100ml hydrolysed wheat protein
20ml essential oil
20g Geogard 221

1. Boil the water in Step 1 and pour in the herbs. Let them infuse until the water cools. Strain the herbs and keep the water.
2. Add the Step 2 ingredients to this herbal infusion and heat until the pellets have melted. The water will boil.
3. Blend off and on until the mixture cools down and starts to thicken.
4. Add Step 3 ingredients and blend.
5. Pour into bottles while still warm.

conditioner base close up-176-325