No palm conditioner

Norishing palm free conditioner

Nourishing palm free conditioner

This is a rich & quite "heavy" conditioner, due a great deal to it's high provitamin B5 content (D-panthenol), which helps control frizz & lessens that "fluffy" look & feel of freshly washed hair. However if you wanted to make it lighter you can replace some or all of the D-panthenol with glycerin.

We've chosen oil knows to be particularly hair nourishing but you can swap them out for any carrier oils you like.

Because of the Emulsifier HE20 you can make it all in one pot. Super easy!

Make 250g - use our Batch Size Calculator and the percentages provided here to easily adjust the volume of your batch.

189.25g - Water
16.5g - Emulsifier HE20
6g - Conditioner pellets - palm free
10g - D-panthenol
18g - Argan oil
7g - Amla oil, certified organic

2g  - Jasmine 3% in Jojoba oil (or essential/fragrance oil of your choice.)
1.25g - Geogard 221

1. Gently heat all but the Geogard 221 & essential oil in a pot on the stove until melted.
2. Take off the heat & whizz with a stick blender or an electric beater until combined. Add the Geogard 221 & essential oil & whizz again. Leave it for a few minutes & whizz again. Continue this as it thickens up.
3. Pour into bottle or container - A 250ml bottle with a lotion pump* or reuse an empty jar.

*If you're using a bottle, pour early while it's still thin enough, it will thicken up in the bottle.

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