Food wraps

Food wraps recipe

Wax food wraps have revolutionised how we deal with leftovers and completely eliminated the need for plastic cling film. They're also really fun and easy to make yourself!

Makes 2 x medium size wraps - 250cm x 250cm (the buzzy bee size pictured)

35g | beeswax
10g | pine resin
10g | jojoba oil

21g | pine resin
14g | carnauba wax
10g | jojoba oil

Fabric, oven, oven tray, baking paper, mini silicone spatula or dedicated paint brush.

Wash and dry your fabric before you start.

Weigh out your ingredients into a pyrex jug and place in a double boiler on the stove. It will take around 20 minutes for the ingredients to melt together. 

Food wraps ingredients copy Food wraps ingredients melted copy

Heat oven to 150°C. Place baking paper on an oven tray, larger than your piece of fabric.

Once the ingredients has melted pour onto your fabric and spread with the spatula. It may solidify before you get it all spread but that's ok, that's what the oven is for!

Food wraps fabric copy Food wraps spread copy

Place in the oven for two minutes. When you pull it out the fabric should be fully covered. Look for any dry spots and spread the mixture over them and place back in the oven if you need to.

Pick up by the corners (carefully, it's hot!) and let the excess mixture drip off onto the baking paper. Try turning it so that one edge doesn't end up thick with excess. It should only take a minute to dry enough to be able to lay it flat and place it in the fridge to solidify fully.

Clean up tip:
Pop the pyrex jug in the microwave for a minute so that the mixture re-melts, then wipe clean with some tissue paper. Once you've gotten rid of the excess mixture it is much easier to then scrub with hot water and dishwashing liquid.

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