Emulsifier O, Ecocert approved
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Emulsifier O, Ecocert approved

Cetearyl olivate & sorbitan olivate

Ecocert approved to be used in certified organic products.

Emulsifier O is an oil into water (O/W) PEG-free emulsifying wax made from olives, but does contain RSPO-certified palm oil.

Thanks to its special structure, it forms highly stable and dermo-compatible liquid crystals which are similar to the lipids of the cutaneous barrier: this makes Emulsifier O able to physiologically integrate in the stratum corneum and to carry its efficacy also to deeper layers of the skin.

Because of its restructuring and thickness properties, it has anti-ageing properties, giving tonicity and elasticity to the skin.

It comes in white flakes and makes it simple to quickly produce your own organic creams and lotions.

Uses: day and night creams; face cleansers; deep hydrating emulsions; face and eye creams; sunscreen products; baby products; hair conditioners; creamy foundations; mascara; eyeliners.

If you find a recipe needing an emulsifying wax, Emulsifier O can be used.

This Ecocert-approved emulsifying wax is very exciting. It is very quick and easy to use, has a very special feel to it and can be used as a solo emulsifier.
It is compatible with most cosmetic ingredients and active agents in a wide pH range: 3 to 12. It has been clinically tested and found to be totally safe and hypoallergenic.

Emulsifier O spreads well over the skin and penetrates quickly. A fine product indeed.

The official formulation levels: 5% to 10% in fluid lotions where the emulsifier is the only oil; 4% in light creams; 6% to 10% in creams and butters. These levels are very much a guide only as the viscosity will depend on the percentage of oils and water you have.

Our experiments so far have shown the following:
Light lotion: water phase 80%; oil phase 16%; Emulsifier O 4%. Initially this is very milky but it firms up over 48 hours.
Face cream: water phase 80%; oil phase 14%; Emulsifier O 6%.
Body cream: water phase 75%; oil phase 15%; Emulsifier O 8%.
Body butter: water phase 60%; oil phase 30%; Emulsifier O 10%.


Calendula cream

Water Phase
70g water
4g glycerin

Oil Phase
4g cetearyl alcohol
4g Emulsifier O
2g apricot kernel oil
2g avocado oil
8g aloe vera oil

Last Phase
4g calendula extract
1g Geogard 221

Hear Water Phase to 65°.
Heat Oil Phase separately until melted. Cool to 65°.
Pour Oil Phase into Water Phase and blend on and off until thick and creamy. It won't thicken until it cools to around 40°.
Add Last Phase and blend again.
Pour into pots.

Emulsifier O, Ecocert approved

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