Diatomaceous earth

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Diatomaceous earth


Diatomaceous earth




Very fine, light, white powder







Usage rate

Up to 100%

Skin type recommended

Acne prone, mature skin

pH range

7 - 9



Palm oil


Animal tested


Diatomaceous earth is a desiccant. It absorbs moisture – some six times its own weight. It can be mixed with water or oil.
Go Native's DE is fresh-water based.

Diatomaceous earth is the fossilised remains of ancient algal shells called diatoms or phytoplankton.
Diatoms are the grass of the waterways of the planet, much in the same way grass is the staple food of land-based herbivores.
Diatoms are the foundation basis of all aquatic life and form the most plentiful group of individual species known to man.

The diatoms living in the waterways absorb minerals and elements from water enabling them to ‘build‘ their tiny shells.  Consequently, the fossilised remains have captured and contain the some 15 trace minerals used to form the shell.  As they die the microscopic diatoms drop to the bottom of the waterways and form deposits of essentially marine sediment.
These sedimentary deposits are later mined, milled, dried and bagged creating diatomaceous earth or more commonly known as DE.  

Some diatoms are salt-water based, others are fresh-water based. 

Salt-water-based DE is generally used for industry as a filtration aid, paint and chemical additives.  This salt-water form of DE is known to be harmful to humans and animals and should only be used for their intended industries.

Fresh-water DE fresh-water has excellent health benefits for mammals and plants when used correctly.

DE is often the hero ingredient in skincare masks. To make a mask, mix 1T DE with enough water or oil to form a paste.
Spread on your skin and leave for 15 minutes. Wash off.

Deodorant vegan no baking soda
(Makes 1 deodorant tube)

22g organic deodorised cocoa butter
22g organic shea butter
13g organic arrowroot powder
9g diatomaceous earth
4 drops vitamin E
few drops vanilla and lime essential oils
Melt the butters, add the rest of the ingredients and stir to blend.
Leave to cool a little then pour into a deodorant tube.

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