Yellow clay - Brazilian

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Yellow clay

Origin: Brazil
Colour: bright golden yellow
Sourced using sustainable & renewable rainforest resources & practices.
  • Rich in minerals such as copper, zinc and potassium 
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Frequently used in body wraps for its detoxifying effect

A soft and mild clay, suitable for dry, sensitive and mature skin. Rich in minerals including iron and silicon dioxide, a catalyst for the formation of skin collagen. Often used as an exfoliant in rejuvenating skin treatments as it is said to help moisturise, reduce inflammation, improve skin elasticity and stimulate circulation, leaving skin looking healthy and refreshed. Also said to help slow down the skin ageing process thanks to its purifying, astringent and remineralizing properties.

Also uses in hair products as it can help reconstitute hair follicles.

To use clays:
To 1 tbsp of clay slowly add water, hydrosol or oil and mix into a paste.
Apply a thick coating to the face and/or body.
Leave on for 10 minutes.
Wash off with warm water.
Use your favourite oil or moisturiser to finish. 
For best results steam clean the face to open pores before applying. 

Clay has been used for thousands of years to absorb toxic substances in the body and eliminate them, to stimulate, reinvigorate and rejuvenate skin cells and tissues, cleanse and beautify, making them an ideal ingredient for skin care and natural beauty products.

Check out our blog post "How different clays benefit the skin" to choose the best clay for your specific skincare needs.

Refreshing clay mask

1 tbsp yellow clay
lavender hydrosol
2 drops lavender essential oil

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