Lavender flowers, certified organic: OUT OF STOCK till mid-July

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Lavender flowers

Lavandula angustifolia/officinalis
certified organic, BioGro
Origin: Albania

Lavender is an aromatic perennial evergreen shrub. Its woody stems bear lavender or purple flowers from late spring to early autumn, although there are varieties with blossoms of white or pink.
Lavender is native to the Mediterranean, but now cultivated in cool-winter, dry-summer areas in Europe and the western United States.
Lavender was used as an after-bath perfume by the Romans, who gave the herb its name from the Latin lavare, to wash.

Essential oil containing borneol, camphor, geraniol, and linalool, also coumarins, caryophyllene, tannins, and other antioxidant compounds.

Typical Preparations:
Teas and tinctures.
Cosmetically it has a multitude of uses and can be included in ointments for pain and burn relief.


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