Shampoo thickener

NZ $11.00

clear, viscous liquid




Shampoo thickener

PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl tetrastearate & PEG-6 capric/caprylic glycerides & water
clear, viscous liquid
Our shampoo thickener is wonderful for thickening shampoos, bath gels or liquid soaps.

It is very easy to use. Mix in to the shampoo base when cold at between 1% and 8%. Usually 1% to 2% will be sufficient.
8% would make gloop.
We recommend you try 1% first, stir and leave for an hour or so, then continue like this until you are happy with the viscosity.

With the surfactant thickener you will need less surfactants and therefore the final product will be milder.



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