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White plastic lip balm filling tray

Fill 50 of Go Native's white plastic 5g lip balm tubes easily and quickly.

Our white plastic lip balm tubes fit with this tray.
We don't guarantee it will fit other tubes. In fact, the chances of other tubes fitting it is close to zero!!

(Please note: Our kraft lip balm tubes DO NOT fit this tray.)

Lip balm recipe for 50 tubes

150g liquid oil (olive, almond, apricot kernel, your choice)
60g castor oil
40g beeswax

To fill the tubes

1. Gently insert the empty lip balm tubes into the tray, open end first.

2. Heat the lip balm recipe.
Be sure it isn't over 60°C.

3. While the mixture is still hot, pour into the tubes.

4. Once the mixture has solidified, use a scraper to remove the excess mixture from the top of the tray. This can be reheated and re-used.

5. Remove the tubes by gently twisting and slowly pulling away from the tray.
Do not put the tubes in the freezer to cool.

6. Wipe away any excess mixture from the neck of the tubes and cap them.




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