Scrub up cups

Scrub up nicely with these handy individual body scrub cups. Have fun experimenting with different colours and scents, and wrapping creatively to give as gifts!

You will need:
Small moulds (muffin tray works well)
Medium sized pot or pan

½ cup organic coconut oil
½ cup organic cocoa butter deodorized
½ cup pumice
½ cup dead sea salt

1 tablespoon of clay or colour of your choice
10-20 drops of essential oil of your choice


Melt the coconut oil and the cocoa butter. Allow to cool slightly (but still liquid) and then mix in your pumice and salt. Add clay and essential oil if using.*

The pumice and salt will drop to the bottom and the liquid will sit on top. If you pour it now the same thing will happen in your cups, which is okay if you want a nice flat top on your cup (see photo on right illustrating the difference). Otherwise, wait for the liquid to start solidifying (you can pop it in the fridge for a few minutes) and then stir it all together so that it’s more like a paste, then spoon them into your muffin tray.

Place in the fridge/freezer and let them harden.

We highly recommend keeping these in the fridge when you’re not using them because they will melt!

*I split mine into four different colours and scents to experiment. I added about a teaspoon of clay and five drops of essential oil to each to make:

Scrub up cups recipe
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