Natural conditioner

Natural hair conditioner

This conditioner formulation contains jojoba oil and grape seed oil, rich in omega 6 and vitamin E. It has excellent detangling and wet combing properties.
I have found it wonderful for conditioning the dry ends of my hair.

(Makes 1kg)
Step 1
775g water
90g conditioner pellets
Step 2
40g organic jojoba oil
30g organic grape seed oil
30g organic avocado oil
40g organic glycerin
10g vanilla essential oil
5g Geogard 221

Gently heat Step 1 ingredients in a pot on the stove until the pellets have melted.
Take off the heat and blend with a stick blender off and on until cool and starting to thicken.

Add Step 2 ingredients and continue blending until thick.

Pour into containers.


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