Rich cream

Rich cream

(Makes 250g)


Water Phase
200g water
10g glycerin, organic

Oil Phase
10g shea butter, organic
15g emulsifier O
5g jojoba oil, organic
5g sunflower oil, organic

Last Phase
2g preservative (Geogard 221)
few drops essential oil of your choice (optional)

In separate pots heat both Water Phase and Oil Phase to 65°C. (Make sure the emulsifier in the Oil Phase is completely melted, Oil Phase may heat faster and need to be taken off the heat to cool to 65°C while Water Phase catches up.)
When both are at 65°C pour Oil Phase into Water Phase and blend until thick.
It won't thicken until it cools to around 40°C.
Add Last Phase and blend again.
Spoon into jar/jars.