Vital cream

Vital cream

Makes 200g - use our Batch Size Calculator and the percentages provided here to easily adjust the volume of your batch.


Water Phase

102g | 51% Water
20g | 10% Glycerin, certified organic

Oil Phase
12g | 6% Emulsifier O
10g | 5% Almond oil, certified organic
10g | 5% Evening primrose oil, certified organic
10g | 5% Jojoba oil, certified organic
10g | 5% Rosehip oil, certified organic
10g | 5% Marula oil, certified organic
10g | 5% Calendula infused oil, certified organic, NZ

Last Phase
2g | 1% Vitamin E, certified organic
1g | 0.5% Carrot oil, certified organic
1.5g | 0.75% Calendula extract, NZ
1g | 0.5% Geogard 221 (preservative)
0.5g | 0.25% Chamomile essential oil, roman, certified organic (optional)

  • In separate pots heat both Water Phase and Oil Phase to 65°C. (Make sure the emulsifier in the Oil Phase is completely melted, Oil Phase may heat faster and need to be taken off the heat to cool to 65°C while Water Phase catches up.)
  • When both are at 65°C, pour Oil Phase into Water Phase and blend with stick blender until thick.
  • Let cool to 40°C then add Last Phase and blend again.
  • Tare an empty jug or pot on scales and put your finished cream into it. It will have lost water weigh, add more water to bring it up to final weight. In this case 200g. Then blend again.
  • Spoon into jar/jars.
Tip: Pre-measure your Last Phase ingredients into a beaker or dish so that it's ready to go.

To use
  • Apply as the final step of your skincare routine (though before sunscreen for daytime use)
  • Massage in and allow a minute or two to absorb
  • If you don't have all the carrier oils required you can substitute one for more of another.
  • If you don't have all of the Last Phase ingredients you can replace that percentage with more water. DO NOT replace the preservative (Geogard 221), that is essential.
  • Keep in mind any substitutions can change the final colour, smell, feel and/or viscosity of the final product.

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