Hi Elinor.

Just a quick email to say FABULOUS service to Australia. Everything was well packed - no leakages.Delivery met expectations
Very happy!! I will most definitely be ordering from you again
kind regards

Thanks everyone
I so appreciate the great service and fabulous products I get from go native .
Hope you are having a relaxing weekend
Kind regards

Dear Elinor,
I picked my order up today - thank you so much 😊
The whole experience was easy and enjoyable . I'll be recommending your business to my friends...
Thanks again.
Kind regards,

Hi Guys
Thanks for the recipes. I loved your "popcorn packing". I even nibbled a little to see what is tasted like... not bad and it melted in my mouth...not that I thought it was plastic! So impressed though. Thank you.

Thanks so much for the super fast delivery of my order! You guys rock!
I have one quick question though please. Is the chip packaging recyclable?
Just wondered if I can put it in the recycling bin or the general rubbish.
Many thanks!

Dear Elinor,
 Products arrived in perfect timing and the Sandalwood and Frankincense smell divine.   And your products are always so well sealed, I can feel the quality.
 I am glad I found your business.

Many thanks for preparing my orders quickly. It has been a pleasure trading with you. Enjoy your holiday!

Thank you very much Elinor, my parcel arrived quickly.
Merry Christmas to you,
Kind regards,

Thanks Elinor - my parcel arrived today - really impressed with the quick service.
Have a great Christmas.
Cheers, Mel

Hi Elinor
My order arrived a couple of days ago. The shipping was very prompt. Anyway, just writing to say thank you.

Hi Elinor,
Arrived today....fabulous service.

You people are pretty amazing!

Good morning,
I would like to compliment you on the awesome service, my order has just arrived - very speedy service.
The labelling is great; attractive, clear and no-nonsense. Very good packaging.
It's a pity I forgot to order a carrier oil however I will get that locally.
Congratulations on your amazing service!
Thank you,

Hi Elinor and team
Thanks as ever for your wonderful products and super-prompt service, and thank you particularly for kindly refunding me postage when I added an extra item to my order yesterday, that was unexpected and so nice of you, I really appreciate it!  I am always so pleased when your parcels arrive, the products are just top notch and you provide a fantastic service.  The recipes on order receipts are an inspired touch :)
Thanks again

Awesome service - package has arrived!
Thank you
Liz 😊

Thank you so much! Thank you also for your great service, I never have to wait for my order, so I'm never held up.
Kind Regards

Hi Elinor,
I just received my order (less than 16 hrs from order to delivery)! Omg, you guys are amazing! <3
Love your work, thank you so much.
Kind regards, Lucy

Hi team,
I just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with my first order - the products arrived shortly after I placed the order and in perfect conditions. I'm very satisfied with your service and will refer you to my friends! :D
Have a lovely day​. Lucy

Thank you again for the quick service😀
Cheers, Josie

Hi there
Thanks for the great service.
Yay: Ordered yesterday morning - delivered to my house this morning.
Feel blessed

Hi Elinor
Couldn't find where to put my review on your site.  Just wanted to say thank you.  My order arrived today.  Very quick delivery!  And prompt wonderful customer service.  I highly recommend you.

Hi Go Native!
I have just made a light moisturiser using one of your recipes on your website. I am loving it! I was wondering if you have any recipes for making my own room reed diffuser. I would to make some for my own home.
I love your products!
Many Thanks! Siu

Thank you so very much Elinor! Exceptionally efficient service as usual! The box arrived early this morning.
Kind regards,

Hi Elinor
Thank you for the fast shipping and the good products.
Have a good day.
Kind Regards

Thank you, the oils have arrived.
I appreciate the lovely oils and the service, as always.

Thank you Elinor.  So sorry to have wasted your time on "Mother's Day" (if you are a Mum).
I honestly didn't expect such a quick response.  Awesome service. Paula

Hi Elinor,
We are a new business doing the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) and were recommended to you by our mentor. We just wanted to say a huge thank you for sending our purchase so quickly as it enabled us to begin making our products by the dates we need which was a huge help.
We were so impressed by the quality and packaging of your goods so thank you again!
The girls at Luxury Products

Just wanted to tell you how helpful this newsletter is. Great information in this edition.
Thank you so much. Pauline

Hi Elinor
Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your prompt dispatch and delivery of your orders.  
Love dealing with a company that I can rely on!
Kind regards

Hooray! You are back online I truly thought that something was wrong with my computer and was almost about to throw it my Mr Fix it Man to sort the problem. Missed you not being there! Voni.

Thank you - my order has arrived.
Can't wait to use the oils.
Great service.

My order arrived today. Thanks again for great service.

Many thanks Elinor, Awesome service - arrived today.
Cheers, Grace

Hi there,
Order received very promptly. Many thanks for the fast and efficient

Dear Elinor,
( I got the name right this time... sorry about that ;)
Just a quick thank you for a very pleasant and straight forward service.
Very happy with the quality of your essential oils !!!!

Thanks for your prompt reply (with both of my enquiries).  I have always received fantastic service from your company.

Hi Elinor
Thank you, it arrived this afternoon!

And I just wanted to say your rich moisturiser cream is amazing!! I really love it and can't wait to play around with some essential oils to add to it... Also, had a quick swish with the goat's milk soap, and it also felt so lovely on the skin... Really love your products, thank you so much - I'm so excited to play around with the different elements and see what we can put together :)

Hi Elinor,
The replacement cocoglucoside & glyceryl oleate and lip balm tubes have arrived plus refund for freight is in my account.
Thank you so much for remedying the issue with my order so quickly.
I have always sung your praises and highly recommended you to friends and will certainly continue to do so, the service you supply is second to none.
Until next time, many thanks and you can be very proud of your business and the level of service you provide.
Kind Regards

Honestly, the speed at which you manage to ship the orders is unbeatable! Thanks so much, I am so so excited :)
Happy Monday. Helene

First of all I just would like to start off with some positive feedback:) I have been very impressed with your company, with the quality of your products with the way it is packaged & with the very speedy delivery. I would 100% recommend you guys!
I just purchased a soap making kit as I would like to start making soaps to sell. So I thought I would purchase a kit to get good instructions, anyway they were pretty easy to follow, my only comment is how much essential oil & mica quantities am I meant to add? This would be very helpful to have on the instructions even a guideline.
Thank you,
A Loyal Go Native client :)

I'm taking the moment to actually pause in my activity and follow through on the impulse to reply. I want to show my appreciation by saying thank you for your consideration and effort. It was so wonderful for you to make that happen for me.
Thank you again. Kathryn

Just a quick note to say standard of product & shipping best yet.
Very pleased with service as always
Regards Garry

Hi! Go Native
Thank you Elinor and staff for my order I received yesterday, quick service, fast delivery, very impressed. Thanks again
Regards Wai

Hi Elinor,
I just received my order from you - thank-you :)
I am very happy with their quality and your fast delivery!
I look forward to ordering more of your beautiful products in the future.
All the best, Sandra

Awesome awesome service.  Thank you.  Kindest Jane

Golly gosh Elinor .... WHAT SERVICE :-) :-)
The parcel arrived at 11am this morning.
Thank you sooooooooo much for your prompt service

Thanks sooo much for sending my order so swiftly  ..it arrived today ..and I am very impressed with the quality of both products ..I will most definitely be buying from you again & again..
Kind Regards
Tracey :-)

Dear team at Go Native,
I was very happy to receive my order first thing this morning, and as usual, am most happy with everything . . .
Anyway, thank you very much, once again, for your most prompt and excellent service. I do hope that you all have an enjoyable day, and a relaxing weekend.
Best regards, Jennifer ☺

Great to get your shipping details and balm recipe   I love dealing with you   Judy

Hi Elinor,
 Thank  you so much for your email.  Your customer service….like everything you do there, is wonderful and I appreciate the gift!  Thank you.
 Kindest regards

My parcel arrived this morning. Very good and fast service!
I can't wait to start making things soon!
Kind regards, Cindy

My order has arrived today. Many thanks. Love your products.
Regards, Lulu

Thanks for the wonderful service. Kim

Just a quick email to say thanks!
Thanks for always getting my orders to me super quick and always sending the correct items and amounts! :) Much appreciated
Cheers, Amy

Both me and my wife think your website is awesome, you have some great things and really good prices.
Love what you do - thanks.

This is just a friendly email to tell you how awesome and incredible your website is. Every time I use it, I think, “Wow, someone actually knew what they were doing.” Then I go to some other website to buy contacts, or vitamins, or whatever, and I go through all their ridiculous inept webpages and the terrible hoop-jumping interface of checkout and everything else that is so freaking maddening, and I think back to your website and know it is possible to do it without making the customer rage. So anyway, that was a long winded and very sincere thank you for making a great web store. Whoever did it is apparently a web genius because, by all evidence, it’s practically impossible. - Tanya

Hi Elinor !!!!! 😁😁😁 ......   🍃Thank you for the products that i received this afternoon, .... ive just made up the most  🍸🍓🍹delicious shower gel, with geranium eo and lavender & mint herbs 🌿 thanks to you !!!!  Mmmmm  ... devine ...🌴 thanks Elinor 😅😉 sandy ✨

Hi there
Received this morning, so that was pretty impressive and fast - thank you for that!  Great products, great prices, great service.

Hi. My order arrived today. Once again thank you for great
service and products that I am confident in.

The EO have arrived. Thank you again for the fabulous and quick service.
Much appreciated! Cheers, Josie

Hi Go Native
I received my order this afternoon and would just like to say "Thank you" so much for your prompt service.
I have opened all my essential oils and they smell divine and I can't wait to make some blends for my massaging.
Awesome service. :)
Have a great weekend.
Cheers Lyn :)

Hi guys, I just wanted to send you a quick message to say how super impressed I am with how fast delivery was on my order
I can't wait to order from you again.
Nicola x

That was one of the fastest turn arounds I’ve experienced on on-line shopping. Thank you — package turned up today.

Very impressed with the ease and use of your website, great communication.
100% New Zealand owned is brilliant.
Thanks again.

Just wanted to say thank you to you guys. You always ship so quickly, and things are always beautifully packed. Really appreciate the fantastic service!

'My DIY hobby stated with your shampoo making kit.  Now, I have made a
few batches of soap, cream, & lip balm (even sold 2 on TM), etc.  I
always enjoy your recipes & you provide the most complete information
in your website. Your speedy email response & delivery are beyond my
expectation.  Most importantly, I found your pricing is most
reasonable in NZ.  Plus great quality products.  Thanks.' Carol

'You people are just wonderful.
Thank you.'

'I have received the product and been amazed by the quick and prompt service. Thank you very much for that.' Amal.

'Just a big thank you for your prompt delivery of my recent order.
I have found online shopping can be very disappointing, but I am thoroughly satisfied with everything I ordered from you.
I will order again, and recommend you to others. You make NZ proud.
Many thanks.' Clair

'Thank you for your prompt and excellent service.' Jennifer

'Many thanks for your great service.' Ellen

'I really appreciate your professionalism, your knowledge, your speed of delivery. It is a pleasure doing business with you.' Rae

'I love your products and value your company for its wonderful customer service.' Irene

'I am just writing to let you know how much I like your emails (newsletters). I have been making my own creams, cosmetics and detergents for the whole family (including the baby) for years and find your explanations very clear and quite comprehensive.' Fran

'I run a small home business in Wellington, and I love the super-fast delivery from Go Native; I can always rely on Elinor to get my order out as soon as possible and it often arrives before I expect it! Brilliant service as well; on the very rare occasion that there is a problem Go Native always works to find a solution for me. I’m a very happy shopper!'

'Go Native NZ have everything you need to produce your own beauty products, I purchase 95% of my ingredients from them and am very pleased with the product quality and prompt delivery.  They provide a safe online environment and their customer support is great! Highly recommended!'

'High quality, therapeutic grade essential oils are a top priority in my practice and I'm very comfortable purchasing these from Go Native. Wonderful products, great service, Elinor & Chelsea are very helpful, trustworthy and respond quickly to all inquiries.  I would highly recommend Go Native as an essential oil provider.' - Gillian

'Elinor and the staff at Go Native bend over backwards whether its getting orders out the day they are received or tracking down an ingredient. Fast, friendly service and emails and an excellent quality product range!'
Ethique: www.ethique.co.nz

'Thanks Elinor for keeping your eye on the ball and for your wonderful fast efficient service. It is a pleasure to place an order with you and know it will be delivered on time and in good condition. You are definitely one of my preferred suppliers. You know and understand your product, and you deliver what you promise. Keep up the good work.'

'Elinor and her team always go the extra mile-literally-Elinor once delivered my package in person at 8pm at night when something went wrong with the courier delivery-now that is exceptional service!'

'Thank you Elinor for a very friendly and professional experience.  You responding to emails quickly and professional advice is very much appreciated.  Your promptness to fill an order is fantastic.' Jude