Extras Moulds
All our moulds are suitable for CP and M&P soap.
However, single-cavity moulds work best with M&P soap.
CP soap is better made in large loaves where there can be a build up of heat to help with the saponification process.
Using small moulds for CP soap can end in disappointment, especially with intricate moulds, with the soap being soft and crumbly.
Do not oil the mould before use.

Hand wash the moulds with warm water after use.
Mould size and pouring temperature of soap will determine set up time. It is imperative that you allow soap to cool completely before trying to remove from any mould. Depressions will occur in the top of mould if you try to release soap by force. Gently pull at the sides of  the mould. This releases entrapped air between the mould and soap. Using firm, but gentle pressure, push on the top of mould until soap is released. If you are still having difficulty, place mould in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.





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