Ghassoul clay

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Ghassoul clay


Moroccan lava clay




Fine pale grey powder







Usage rate

Up to 100%

Skin type recommended

Oily, acne prone skin

pH range

7 - 8



Palm oil


Animal tested


Also known as Moroccan red clay and rhassoul clay.

Ghassoul clay is a fine, silky, pale grey powder with a hint of pink-brown. It is nutrient-dense and rich in minerals such as silica - known to help tone the skin and improve resilience, plus magnesium and calcium. It is highly esteemed for its cleansing, nourishing, exfoliating and rejuvenating properties. It is gentle and softening to the skin and known for its high absorption ratio, making it superior for detoxifying and drawing out dirt, impurities and excess oil from the skin and scalp. It has an excellent ion exchange ratio - to further facilitate cleansing and deodorizing action.

Ghassoul comes from the Arabic word "ghassala", meaning "to wash". When moistened with water, or floral water, the feel on the skin is smooth and almost lubricating whilst also exfoliating and drawing. It feels almost as if soap has been applied, but without foaming - the perfect way to cleanse the face, body, or even hair, without soap or chemical surfactants.

General properties: abrasive [superfine]; absorbent; anti-caking agent; bulking agent; opacifying agent.

Clay has been used for thousands of years to absorb toxic substances in the body and eliminate them, to stimulate, reinvigorate and rejuvenate skin cells and tissues, cleanse and beautify, making them an ideal ingredient for skin care and natural beauty products.

To use clays:
To 1 tbsp of clay slowly add water, hydrosol or oil and mix into a paste.
Apply a thick coating to the face and/or body.
Leave on for 10 minutes.
Wash off with warm water.
Use your favourite oil or moisturiser to finish. 
For best results steam clean the face to open pores before applying.

Check out our blog post "How different clays benefit the skin" to choose the best clay for your specific skincare needs.

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