Yucca glycerite extract

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Yucca glycerite extract


 Yucca schidigera (Yucca) stem extract


Glycerin, Water, Yucca schidigera




Viscous liquid

Extraction method



New Zealand





Usage rate

Up to 5%. Typically between 2-5%



Palm oil


Animal tested


GMO Free

Yucca is a genus of more than 40 known species of perennial shrubs and trees. It’s native to the hot and dry regions of the Americas, the southwestern United States, and the Caribbean, known for its sword-like leaves and clusters of white blossoms. Its root and bark have been used as traditional medicines by Native American cultures for thousands of years. The species most typically used for these practices is Yucca schidigera, or Spanish dagger.

Yucca extract is high in folic acid and vitamin C which can help to support the activation of fibroblasts and collagen production in the skin. It has been known to be used to treat sores, skin irritation and dandruff.

The antioxidants in yucca extract can help to protect from free radicals, which damage the skin and speed up the ageing process by breaking down collagen production.

High in saponin, an anti-bacterial compound, yucca extract is often used as an active ingredient as it is said to show excellent skin cleansing action as well as being an anti-dandruff agent. For these reasons it can be found in foams, shampoos and shower gels, cleansers, gels and lotions, and other skin and hair care formulations looking to provide cleansing action.

Yucca extract is also rich in phenol compounds which are known to exert an anti-inflammatory effect. These compounds are said to provide photo-protection due to their antioxidant properties. (Although yucca extract is not to be used as a sunscreen replacement.)

It is also applicable as a co-surfactant and as a co-emulsifier and emulsion stabiliser. It is best applied with other natural surfactants.

Contains extractives from yucca stem equivalent to not less than 2% w/w plant, the spent plant material being removed during the production process.

All our products are for external use only.


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