Traditional vanilla fragrance oil

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Fragrance Oils


Traditional vanilla fragrance oil

Origin: France

This traditional vanilla fragrance from a French perfumier has the rich, warm sweetness we associate with vanilla pods.

Works well in CP soap. It doesn't speed up trace but does discolour the soap to brown.

Everyday, super simple uses for fragrance oils

Fragrance oils can be used to fragrance soap (2%-3%), balms (0.5%), skin creams and butters (0.5%).

Traditional vanilla works well in CP soap but does discolour the soap to brown.

Traditional vanilla lip balm
85g camellia oil
15g white beeswax
10 drops traditional vanilla fragrance oil
1/tsp bronze satin mica
Gently melt the oil and beeswax.
Add the fragrance oil and mica.
Stir to blend.
Pour into tubes or small pots and leave to set.

Other uses
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