Jojoba oil, certified organic
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Jojoba oil, certified organic

Simmondsia chinensis
certified organic, BioGro
cold pressed, virgin, golden
100% pure
Origin seeds: Peru
Origin oil: Panama

Jojoba is a highly penetrating wax that closely resembles human sebum, an oily skin moisturiser produced by the sebaceous glands.
Jojoba oil is very stable, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, making it excellent for sensitive skin.
It is often used to treat cold sores, acne and psoriasis.

Try rubbing a few drops on your hands and putting it through your hair to give it more gloss. Jojoba is easy to wash out so can be used as a hair-oil pack too.

All our products are for external use.

Rich jojoba oil cream

Water Phase

200g water
10g glycerin

Oil Phase
15g jojoba oil
15g emulsifier O
10g shea butter

Last Phase
2g Geogard 221
few drops essential oil

1. Heat Water Phase until 65°C.
2. Heat Oil Phase until melted, then cool to 65°C.
3. Combine the two phases and blend intermittently with a stick blender until thick.
4. Add Last Phase and blend in.
5. Spoon into pots.

Other uses
Make your own perfumes


Jojoba oil, certified organic

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