Kraft tubes: LARGE, 85g

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Kraft tubes: large

85g capacity

These cardboard tubes are made with oil-resistant paper. Depending on the recipe, they can be hard to push up. Warm the tube for a second or two in a microwave each time you need to push the contents up.
If you push too hard, some tubes will come apart. Please be warned!

They work well with recipes with oils only, but once you add powders, as with deodorants, pushing them up can be frustrating, often impossible. The tube will need to be heated a little to push the deodorant up.

They hold 85g of product and are a push-up tube.
(The weight the tube holds varies with the product used.)

Dimensions: 110mm x 43mm dia with the cap on; 95mm x 43mm dia with the cap off.

Label area: 72mm x 135mm

Deodorant recipe (This recipe pushes up reasonably easily, depending on the weather.)
68g organic shea butter
68g organic deodorised cocoa butter
20g carnauba wax
Melt the above, take off the heat and add
68g cococaprylate
40g magnesium hydroxide
40g arrowroot
20g white clay
5g essential oil
Stir to blend and pour into 3 deodorant tubes.


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