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Lanolin and Petrolatum: vegetable versions

Written by Jacqui and Elinor on February 8th, 2012.      1 comments

Vegetable lanolin
We are delighted to be able to offer you an Ecocert approved vegetable lanolin.
In the past we have stocked traditional lanolin (made from the protective oils of sheep wool) which has been used for probably thousands of years to soften and protect.
This vegetable lanolin is very similar in appearance and texture to traditional lanolin but (unlike lanolin!) has no odour. (The texture could be described as gluggy. It’s sticky and thick – not the easiest stuff to handle.)
It is 100% plant origin – manufactured from shea butter, glyceryl rosinate and olive oil – and is free of polyethylene glycol (PEG).
It is an excellent emollient, safe and non-irritating, and can be substituted for lanolin in any recipe with the same result.
Use it in products for body care, baby care, and sun care. For more uses, see the product information on our website.
Vegetable petrolatum
Our other new product is this transparent gel which is very similar to traditional Vaseline, and can be used in the same way.
It is Ecocert-approved, 100% natural and of vegetable origin – made from castor oil, carnauba wax and beeswax.
It has a wider range of use than Vaseline – for example, it can be used for all skin types and does not block skin pores, whereas Vaseline is not recommended for normal and greasy skins.
Vegetable petrolatum enhances shine in gloss, lipsticks, and lip balms, and can be used as a hair conditioner to bring shine to the hair.
Vegetable petrolatum has similar water resistance to Vaseline.
See the product information on our website for more details.



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