Coffee sugar scrub

Coffee and sugar body scrub recipe
Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub

This is a super easy recipe which smells amazing! Scrubs are a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells, boost blood circulation and leave your skin feeling silky and smooth.

In this recipe I have used coarse sugar (raw brown sugar) and coffee grounds (plunger grind size) which makes it good for full body use, if I was formulating for facial use I would use caster sugar and fine coffee grounds (espresso grind size). What I will say is be careful when using scrubs on your face, it's very tempting to really go for it and get rid of all those dead skin cells, but we actually need those dead skin cells! They are what make up the layers of our skin which protect us from the harsh environment that our face is subjected to every day. So just be very gentle.

This recipe is very easy to make completely organic just by using organic sugar and coffee!

Check out our video tutorial.

Makes 300g - use our Batch Size Calculator and the percentages provided here to easily adjust the volume of your batch.

150g | 50% Virgin, organic coconut oil
90g | 30% Brown sugar
57g | 19% Coffee grounds
3g | 1% Vitamin E, certified organic

  • Weigh the coconut oil, sugar and coffee into a pot or heat proof jug. You can use a water bath or on direct heat, if using direct heat be careful to keep the heat very low. We want to melt the coconut oil without crystallising the sugar
  • Stir to combine as it melts
  • Once combined, take off the heat and add the vitamin E
  • Pot and leave to set
To use
Massage into skin in a circular motion, always moving towards you heart. Rinse off.

Note: The vitamin E in this recipe acts as an antioxidant and will help to give it a longer shelf life but is not a broadspectrum preservative. Therefore it is very important that water does not come in contact with the scrub. Make sure you use dry hands and while you can apply it in the shower to limit mess, do so before you turn the shower on and remove it from the shower before you run the water.

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