Luminescence highlighter

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This gorgeous luminescent highlighter sets hard then practically melts on contact with skin. The iridescent nature of the luminescent micas causes the shades to shift and change in the light creating a multidimensional effect.

(makes 5g)
1.08g | Squalane
.54g | Cococaprylate
1.5g | Cocoa butter, certified organic, deodorised
.2g | Carnauba wax, certified organic
1.5g | Luminescent mica - golden pear, blush or sky (or any other mica you choose!)
.15g | Silica microspheres
1 drop | Vitamin E

​​​​​​Mini scales
Glass beaker - handy, not essential
Mini silicone spatula - handy, not essential
5ml pot - again, you can use something else around the house. Great way to reuse little plastic sauce tubs!

1. Weigh all your ingredients, except vitamin E, into a beaker or other heat proof mixing vessel.
2. Heat about an inch of water (enough to rise above the ingredients in the beaker but not so much that it's in danger of splashing inside) in a pot on the stove.
3. Place the beaker into the water and let it melt.
4. Stir until everything is combined.
5. Take off heat and stir in vitamin E.
5. Pour into your pot (taking care not to let the mixture come in contact with any water!) and leave to set.

To use
Apply to cheekbones, above and below brow peaks, nose and chin and blend.
Luminescence highlighters double

Left to right: Luminescent blush mica, luminescent sky mica, luminescent golden pear mica

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