Conditioner PACK

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Conditioner PACK

A DIY refill pack to make about 1.5kg of top-quality conditioner.

The pack comes with all the ingredients, except water.

You will need:
Stick blender
A pot with a capacity of 3 litres
Containers to hold the final product

Pack contains:

Step 1
conditioner pellets

Step 2
cocoglucoside & glyceryl oleate
hydrolysed quinoa
Microcare DB (preservative)
essential oil

1. Fill a pot with 1.2kg water (or 5 cups of water).
2. Add Step 1 ingredients and heat until the pellets have melted.
3. Blend with a stick blender, remembering to scrape the sides of the pot.
4. When the mixture looks thick, add the Step 2 ingredients and blend again.
5. Pour into containers.


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