Cosmetic Grade

Essential Oils Cosmetic Grade
Cosmetic grade essential oils are made by mixing natural isolates from therapeutic grade essential oils. The resulting oil is also natural but is made cheaper by using isolates from cheaper plants. For example, to make carrot seed cosmetic oil, the active ingredient geranyl acetate and other actives from cheaper plants are used. To make geranium cosmetic essential oil, the isolates geraniol, citronellol and other aldehydes from citronella Java are used.  
Cosmetic essential oils are therefore cheaper and are 100% natural but have no therapeutic benefits.   

Our essential oils come in amber glass bottles with dripulators: 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 250ml, all with a 28 neck.
500g and 1kg come in an aluminium bottle; 5L comes in a plastic jerrycan.

If you need precise drops for your products we suggest you buy our 20ml dropper bottles and transfer the oils. It is really difficult to find rubber droppers that don't perish with essential oils, so these are bought at your risk.


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