Galbanum essential oil

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Essential Oils: D - H


Galbanum essential oil


Ferula galbaniflua




Clear to pale yellow liquid


Fresh, woody, spicy, balsamic, green, earthy

Plant part used


Extraction method

Steam distillation






Oil and alcohol

Usage rate

Skincare : 0.1 - 1%
Soapmaking: 1 - 3 %



Blends well with

Benzoin styrax, Fir needle, Geranium, Ginger, Lavender, Pine



Palm oil


Animal tested


Description: Galbanum essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the resin obtained from the Galbanum plant, botanical name Ferula Galbaniflua. Galbanum-yielding plants are to native to, and grow plentifully on the slopes of the mountain ranges of northern Iran, but are also grown in neighbouring countries.The main constituents of Galbanum essential oil are cadinene, cadinol, myrcene and pinene.

History: Galbanum has been known since the times of the ancient Roman and Greek civilisations, where it was burnt in incense sticks, mixed in bath water, used in skin balms, and as a perfume. Its fresh, earthy, woody odour is said to calm, cleanse and protect the mind and spirit, offering comfort. 

Common uses: 
Galbanum essential oil is an accessory top note that is invaluable to the perfumer to create a radiant leafy-green effect in perfume and in very small amounts in citrus to add a bright, green, effervescent quality. It has also been used as a fixative to enhance the longevity of perfume.

Safety data: Very potent and not to be used on sensitive skin. Avoid use during pregnancy.

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