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Vanilla oleoresin 30 fold


Vanilla planifolia




Very thick, molasses-like, dark brown liquid


Characteristic, rich, sweet, earthy

Plant part used


Extraction method

Solvent extracted





Usage rate

Typically used up to 5% dispersed in water, a higher % may not completely disperse.

Typically used up to 5% infused in carrier oil, depending on depth of desired scent.



Blends well with

Coffee, Orange, Lemon, Bergamot, Neroli, Chamomile, Lavender, Sandalwood, Rose



Palm oil


Animal tested


Vanilla oleoresin is not technically an essential oil and is not soluble in oil, rather it is easily dispersible in water and can be used in the water phase of a formulation. It can also be used to infuse a carrier oil (typically 5% in Jojoba oil for around one week and then strained, leaving just the oil) and then the oil used in anhydrous products such as oil serums and balms.

Vanilla oleoresin is a natural product obtained by extraction with aqueous ethyl alcohol of Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar, with the alcohol then removed with a vacuum process. The oleoresin remaining after alcohol is extracted is a dark brown viscous liquid. It is graded according to its potency determined by its vanillin content, 30 fold being the highest potency with 3kg of beans used to produce 1kg of oleoresin with a minimum 3% vanillin content.

Madagascar produces more than 65% of the world's vanilla yet less than 5% of vanilla extract is actually made there. The producers of this vanilla oleoresin work directly with vanilla farmers to hand select Bourbon vanilla beans from the world renowned SAVA region in Madagascar and produce their own vanilla extracts directly at the source. This way they have been able to create a positive impact within the farming communities and also for the industry in Madagascar.

Vanilla offers a base note in perfumes and its fragrance can heighten feelings of optimism and connectivity, at the same time as relaxing and soothing frantic energy.


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