Natural Healing Solutions You Can Make At Home

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Natural Healing Solutions You Can Make at Home

By Lizze Kershaw (New Zealand)
In our modern environment, we are continually exposed to a steady stream of pollution which has the potential to undermine our well-being... Take back your power to stay well!

Discover how easy it is to make your own safe to use healing balms and tonics from ingredients found in most homes and gardens.

The aim of this book is to provide knowledge about plants that are commonly found around homes and gardens in New Zealand. It would suit anyone who wants to make their own, gentle, effective tonics using the simplest ingredients available.


Part 1 - “What you need to know first”
Includes; a story of herbal medicine, how herbs heal, preventing harm, making a herb garden, gathering herbs and more…

Part 2 - “Meeting the herbs and other natural solutions”
Includes; 39 well-known herbs such as aloe vera, chamomile, chilli, ginger, lavender, mint, nettle, rose, thyme, turmeric and more….Each herbal profile includes its history, cultivation, internal and external uses, recipes and any cautions.

Part 3 - "Making traditional solutions"
Includes; useful equipment, how to make herbal infusions, decoctions, tinctures, vinegars and oils, as well as ointments, essential oils, syrups, poultices and compresses.

Part 4 - "Specific Remedies for Different Age Groups"
Includes; pregnant women, babies, young children, older children, teenagers, men, women, and elderly men and women. The herbs in this book are well-known by most people. This makes the basic ingredients easy to access.. and which are often free. Particular care has been taken to ensure that all doses of remedies are clearly stated. As the first rule of healing is “first to do no harm” - you will find cautions in every chapter of this book - to guide you safely for yourself and those you help and heal. Special care is recommended to infants, the elderly and those with serious ailments.
Natural Healing Solutions Book
The book contains 240 pages and 55 colour photographs.

Lizzie Kershaw

About The Author

"For many years I have been interested in herbal medicine and started writing articles in our local circular. As a child I suffered from painful earaches and sore throats resulting in frequent use of antibiotics. Later, exploring alternatives to chemical drugs became a passion.

Growing up in a family of doctors and nurses would no doubt have inspired me to follow a path of healing. I trained as a naturopath as well as further studies and have been making natural medicines for over 40 years."

Lizzie Kershaw is a qualified and experienced naturopath, teacher and drug and alcohol counselor.
For 25 years, she has worked with many healing modalities; specializing in children’s wellness.

She has four sons and three granddaughters.
During the past 20 years, she has also enjoyed figuring out how to make herbal remedies and now has her own range of tried and tested Pure Earth products.



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