1% Bakuchiol in Squalane

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1% Bakuchiol in squalane

Ingredients: Olive squalane, Bakuchiol

A simple and effective way to get the benefits of Bakuchiol without expensive ready-made serums or starting from scratch with raw materials.

Our blend of 1% Bakuchiol in olive-derived squalane can be used directly on skin and offers a potent, natural anti-ageing solution that hydrates, smooths, and rejuvenates the skin, making it suitable for all skin types.

Customisation Options
While our 1% Bakuchiol in squalane is ready to use as it is, you can personalise it with your preferred fragrance, essential oils, carrier oils, or oil-soluble actives. To maintain the efficacy of the Bakuchiol, we advise keeping additional ingredients to 10% or less.

100% Natural Bakuchiol
Extracted and purified from edible seeds, Bakuchiol is a plant-based alternative to retinol, offering similar anti-aging benefits without negative side effects, especially for sensitive skin. Known for promoting cellular turnover, it helps achieve a smoother and more even complexion, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Bakuchiol stimulates collagen synthesis, enhancing skin firmness and elasticity. Its antioxidant properties protect against free radical damage, preventing premature aging and maintaining overall skin health. Unlike retinoids, Bakuchiol is well-tolerated, less likely to cause irritation, and does not cause photosensitivity, making it suitable for both day and night use. Regular use improves skin texture, making it smoother and softer.

In Olive Squalane
Olive-derived squalane is a highly effective skincare ingredient known for its deep hydration and antioxidant properties. It mimics the skin’s natural oils, providing long-lasting moisture without greasiness. Non-comedogenic, it suits all skin types, including oily and acne-prone skin. Its antioxidants protect against environmental damage, preventing premature aging and maintaining overall skin health. Squalane can help to strengthen the skin’s barrier, reducing redness and sensitivity.

It is lightweight and fast-absorbing, making it versatile for both morning and evening routines. Gentle and well-tolerated, squalane is safe for sensitive skin and pregnancy, helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles while promoting a smooth, radiant complexion.

Skin Concerns Addressed:

  • Aging Skin
  • Break-Outs

Expected Results:

  • Reduction in wrinkles
  • Boosting collagen for skin restructuring
  • Smoothing and rejuvenating effects
  • Minimizing pores
  • Promoting a radiant complexion

Key Features:

  • Oil-based formula with 1% Bakuchiol
  • Completely natural
  • Suitable for day or night use
  • Safe for use during pregnancy (provides retinol-like benefits without being metabolised as retinol)
  • Gentle and non-irritating
  • Does not cause dryness like Retinol
  • Safe for daily sun exposure (To be worn under sunscreen)

Usage Instructions:
Apply after any water-based cleansers and/or serums and before your moisturiser or night cream. Dispense 2-3 drops onto your fingertips and gently apply to the target areas. Allow it to absorb before proceeding with the rest of your skincare routine. Can be used up to twice daily.

All our products are for external use only.


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