Herbs available - Tell us what you want and we may be able to help
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Herbs available

Minimum order 250g.
We can also source the following herbs if our supplier has them in stock.
The minimum quantity is 250g, and they will take a week to arrive.
Please note they are non-returnable and non-refundable as we have ordered them in especially for you.

How to order them:
1. Tell us what you want.
2. We will let you know if they are available and the price.
3. If acceptable, you pay by direct credit.
4. We order them in for you.
Sometimes, when we finally go to order the herbs, they may be out of stock or the volume you want may not be available. In these cases, naturally, we will refund your money.

The prices below are very rough estimates for 250g:
agrimony organic: $43
alfalfa organic: $33
alfalfa powder organic: $33
allspice powder organic: $61
allspice whole organic: $48
angelica root cut: $44
angelica root powder organic: $54
aniseed whole organic: $33
anise star pods organic: $48
anise star powder organic: $50
arnica flowers non-organic: $144
artichoke leaf organic:$60
ashwaganda cut organic: $34
ashwaganda powder organic: $34
astragalus powder organic: $42
astragalus root cut organic: $50
baikal skullcap: $59
barberry root cut wild: $33
barberry root bark powder: $44
basil cut organic: $40
bay leaves organic: $30
bayberry bark organic: $30
bearberry cut organic: $53
bilberry fruit organic: $79
bilberry leaf powder organic: $40
birch leaf: $45
black cohosh wild: $50
black cumin seeds: $37
black peppercorns ground organic: $45
black peppercorns whole organic: $40
black walnut hull powder: $48
black walnut leaf wild: $43
bladderwrack: $30
blessed thistle organic: $43
bloodroot powder wild: $140
bloodroot root whole wild: $170
blue cohosh root powder wild: $75
boneset organic: $33
buchu leaf organic: $73
burdock root powder: $48
burdock seed organic: $110
butchers broom root organic: $77
butterbur root wild: $50
caraway seed whole organic: $33
cardamon powder organic: $75
cardamom pods whole organic: $63
cascara bark wild: $33
catauba bark wild: $35
catnip leaf and flower cut organic: $45
cats claw bark wild: $59
cayenne powder organic: $33
celandine: $33
celery seeds: $45
chaparral leaf: $43
chaste tree berries: $33
chickweed cut organic: $33
chilli flakes organic: $35
chilli powder organic: $35
cinnamon chips organic: $45
cinnamon ground organic: $33
cinnamon sticks organic: $33
cleavers organic: $50
cloves fine cut organic: $53
cloves ground organic: $57
cloves whole organic: $53
coltsfoot organic: $54
comfrey leaf organic: $43
comfrey root powder organic: $57
copal resin wild: $48
coriander ground organic: $33
coriander leaf organic: $33
coriander seed whole organic: $33
cornsilk: $48
couch grass root organic: $53
cramp bark wild: $84
cranesbill root wild: $43
cumin seed ground organic: $33
damiana leaf wild: $53
dandelion leaf organic: $45
dandelion root powder organic: $46.50
devils claw root organic: $50
dill leaf organic: $50
dill seed organic: $40
dong quai root cut: $50
echinacea angustifolia root organic: $55
echinacea angustifolia root powder organic: $69
echinacea purpurea root cut organic: $51
elderberries whole organic: $54
elderflower organic: $50
elecampane organic: $48
epimedium powder organic: $63
eyebright organic: $55
fennel seed ground organic: $33
fennel seed whole organic: $33
fenugreek seed organic: $33
fenugreek powder organic: $33
feverfew organic: $45
galangal root powder organic: $43
garam masala powder organic: $33
gentian root organic: $65
ginger cut and sifted organic: $43
ginger powder organic: $45
gingko leaf organic: $40
ginseng root Siberian fine cut: $33
goats rue organic: $48
goldenrod cut organic: $50
gotu kola leaf organic: $33
gotu kola powder organic: $33
gravel root powder wild: $48
gymnema leaf: $35
hawthorn berry organic: $44
hawthorn leaf and flower organic: $44
hibiscus petal organic: $45
hop flowers whole organic: $53
horehound wild: $37
horse chestnut organic: $45
horsetail cut organic: $50
hydrangea root cut wild: $44
hyssop organic: $33
Irish moss powder organic: $50
Irish moss flakes: $50
juniper berry organic: $48
kelp flakes organic NZ: $50
kelp powder organic NZ: $61
kola nut granules: $45
kola nut powder: $33.75
ladies mantle organic: $44
lecithin powder: $43
lemon balm organic: $53
lemongrass cut organic: $36
lemon myrtle organic: $56
lemon verbena organic: $43
licorice cut and sifted organic: $40
licorice root powder organic: $40
linden lime flowers and leaf organic $63
lobelia herb organic: $65
lungwort organic: $48
maca powder wild: $50
malt barley organic NZ: $33
marjoram organic: $40
marshmallow leaf organic: $44
marshmallow root powder organic: $44
meadowsweet: $33
motherwort: $33
mugwort cut organic: $40
muira puama bark wild: $50
mullein leaf organic: $43
myrrh gum wild: $62
neem leaf organic: $33
nettle root cut organic: $45
nutmeg ground organic: $59
oat straw flowering tops cut and sifted organic: $36
olive leaf organic: $40
oregano organic: $45
parsley leaf organic: $36
passion flower: $50
patchouli leaf cut wild: $36
pau d'arco wild: $40
peony root sliced organic: $57
peppermint leaf organic: $45
peppermint powder, organic: $32.75
plantain leaf organic: $53
pleurisy root wild: $50
poke root organic: $50
prickly ash bark wild: $59
psyllium powder organic: $33
raspberry leaf organic: $45
red clover blossoms organic: $80
red clover cut and sifted organic: $40
rehmannia root organic: $43
rosehip cut and sifted organic: $40
rosemary leaf organic: $40
rue organic: $50
sage leaf organic: $42
sarsparilla root: $44
saw palmetto berry whole organic: $65
saw palmetto berry powder wild: $44
schisandra berry organic: $62
senna leaf organic: $45
shatavari root organic: $55
sheep sorrel organic: $44
shepherds purse: $33
skullcap wild: $43
slippery elm bark powder organic: $55
soap nut shell organic: $33
spearmint fine cut organic: $33
speedwell: $33
stevia leaf cut organic: $33
stevia leaf powder organic: $33
St Johns wort organic: $50
St Marys thistle seed powder organic: $48
St Marys thistle seed crushed wild: $50
sumac berry organic: $58
sumac berry powder wild: $45
thyme leaf organic: $44
tulsi - holy basil organic: $44
turmeric powder organic: $33
Turkey rhubarb cut organic: $44
Turkey rhubarb powder organic: $55
vanilla beans organic 100g: $60.75
valerian root cut: $53
vervain organic: $44
white oak bark organic: $50
white willow bark wild: $40
wild yam root organic: $57
wood betony organic: $44
wormwood cut organic: $43
wormwood powder organic: $46.20
yarrow cut: $33
yarrow leaf and flower organic: $43
yellow dock root wild: $44
yerba mate organic: $50

Herbs available - Tell us what you want and we may be able to help

minimum order 250g
NZ $0.00

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