Ylang ylang hydrosol

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Ylang ylang hydrosol


Cananga odorata distillate




Clear watery liquid with characteristic odour

Extraction method

Steam distillation





Usage rate

Up to 100%



Palm oil


Animal tested


Ylang ylang hydrosol has a sweet floral aroma which is widely considered a mood lifter. It is said to regulate sebum production making it an excellent balancing toner for oily and combination skin. It can help skin retain moisture leaving it smooth and hydrated. Because of its calming effects it can make a soothing pillow spray at bedtime.

Combination skin cleanser:
1/3 cup liquid castile soap
2/3 cup ylang ylang hydrosol
1 tbsp certified organic vegetable glycerin (coconut oil derived)

Combine in a glass jug and pour into a 250ml amber glass bottle with and close with a lotion pump.

About Hydrosols
Hydrosols are the pure co-product of the steam distillation of plant material. When plants are steam distilled to produce essential oils, some valuable compounds of the plant, that are not found in the essential oil, become dissolved in the distillation water.

This condensed fragrant steam is known as hydrosols or aromatic waters. It contains some drops of the essential oil as well as water soluble plant properties which are anti-inflammatory and non-irritating for sensitive skin. The micro drops of essential oil provide the scent. The plant components give the hydrosols their herbal therapy properties. Hydrosols are gentle yet powerful therapeutic agents in their own right

Hydrosols can be used in skin care products, replacing some or all of the water portion. Also used as room sprays, to freshen linen, etc.

Hydrosols can be used as a toner for all skin types as it is impregnated with water-soluble (hydrophilic) compounds that are not present in essential oils. Soothing, anti-inflammatory carboxylic acids are found almost exclusively in hydrosols.

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