Activated charcoal powder

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Activated charcoal powder

Origin: Sri Lanka

Our activated charcoal powder is a super-fine powder made from organic coconut shells, steam activated and meticulously formulated to pharmaceutical grades (USP, EUP and BP United States, European Unions and British Pharmaceutical).
It is GMO free, gluten free, not tested on animals, and is suitable for vegans.
It has no additives, no free-flow, no anti-cake, colours or flavours.
It is 100% activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal can be used in soapmaking, to make charcoal poultices, facial masks and skin cleansers.
As this is ultra fine, there is virtually no grit, and is velvety smooth when mixed with water or oil.

It's REALLY messy to work with and gets everywhere, so I recommend wearing gloves and an apron.

It's also really light in weight so 100g goes a long way.


All our products are for external use.

CP soap with activated charcoal
The activated charcoal made a fine-looking bar of soap.
Activated charcoal is supposed to be great for acne and many skin sensitivities. Be careful when working with it.
It gets in every little nook and cranny.

230g coconut oil
230g organic palm oil
230g pomace olive oil
230g water
104g sodium hydroxide
30g activated charcoal, added at light trace.
For CP soap instructions, please see our Resources section.


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