Liquid castile soap

Thick viscous liquid. No further thickening is required.

Water, potassium oleate*, potassium cocoate**, glycerin***, potassium citrate, citric acid.

*Derived from organic sunflower oil
**Derived from organic coconut oil
***Organic origin

Used for centuries, castile soap can soothe and soften skin without drying it out.

It is non-toxic and good for people who suffer from sensitive skin. Possessing antibacterial properties it can help soothe and calm eczema, psoriasis and acne, also helping prevent the formation of acne by killing bacteria that causes it at the same time as not clogging pores.

It can be used as a replacement for shampoo and as it does not contain detergents it won’t strip your hair of natural oils and dry out your scalp, leaving hair clean and soft.

Can also be used in place of chemical home cleaners or laundry detergents. Adding vinegar for a floor cleaner or essential oils for added benefits and pleasant scents.

Safe for use around pets and babies.

Adding some essential oils for perfume may make the base thicker, so just add water, herbal extracts, or aloe vera juice to adjust it to the thickness you want. Each essential oil will react differently, some making it much thicker, others only slightly. Variations in colour will also occur.

Add essential oil at about 0.5% to 1% (1-2 tsp per kilo of base).

1L is similar to 1kg.

Gentle skin cleanser:
1/3 cup liquid castile soap
2/3 cup hydrosol of your choice (see individual hydrosol descriptions to choose the best for your skin type.)
1 tbsp certified organic vegetable glycerin (coconut oil derived)

Combine in a glass jug and pour into a 250ml amber glass bottle with and close with a lotion pump.


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