Silver sparkle mica
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Silver sparkle mica

Origin: China
INCI: mica, titanium dioxide
Particle size 50-500um

Palm oil free, vegan and cruelty free.

This silver sparkle mica has such a large particle size it creates a beautiful silver glittery effect in the soap.

Mica is a fine mineral powder which reflects light, thereby creating a pearlescent effect on the skin.
It is made by coating a mica flake with a metal oxide such as titanium dioxide and iron oxide or zirconium dioxide. Various colours are obtained according to the thickness of the cladding layers.

All our micas are natural, safe and nontoxic. They can be used on all parts of the face, lips and body and in mineral makeup.

The effect created depends on the particle size of the mica. The larger the size, the greater the glittery, shimmery effect.

Micas work well in body, lip and face creams and balms, in CP, HP and M&P soap.

In clear M&P soap they have their greatest effect. They colour it to the depth of the actual powder and give it effects ranging from silky satin to glittering shimmer. They are stunning.

In other soaps (which are invariably white), the colour is diluted and the pearlescent effect is muted but the micas swirled in veins through the soap can be exquisite, as can the satin effect it gives the soap.

The micas can also be brushed onto the finished soap. The bronze, gold and silver satin micas are especially good for this.

Silver sparkle mica

NZ $5.00

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