Coconut melt & pour soap base, NZ

NZ $32.50


Melt and Pour Soap


Coconut melt & pour soap base, NZ

Made in NZ

100% natural according to the Natural Products Association.

pH range is between 7 and 8 therefore mild and not irritating to skin.

Mild pH ensures added ingredients are more stable.

Simple to use:
  • Chop into smaller pieces
  • Place in a pot on the stove top
  • Gently heat until melted, add colour now if desired
  • Take off heat and add perfume if desired
  • Pour into moulds
  • Leave to set (you can speed this process up by placing in the fridge)
  • Once set simply unmould and it is ready to use immediately!
Check out our easy How-to video here:


Water (distilled)
Lauric acid 
Coconut oil
Sodium hydroxide
Vegetable glycerin
Propanediol 1.3
Citric acid


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