M&P soapmaking PACK: Goat's milk base

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Melt & pour soapmaking PACK - Goat's milk base

This pack contains the ingredients below.
It does not include a mould or instructions.

With this kit you can make any colour of soap you like as it comes with micas in all the primary colours.

Making a bar of soap with melt and pour soap is SO simple. If you can heat up a can of baked beans you can do this. See video below.
Tip for colour mixing:
Red + yellow = orange
Yellow + blue = green
Blue + red = purple
Colour wheel-113

Equipment needed: a small pot to use on a stovetop; a spatula or something to scrape the container.

All packs include: The rose kit includes:
rose fragrance oil

The lemon kit includes:
lemon essential oil

The lavender kit includes:
lavender essential oil


  • Cut off desired amount of soap base - it melts more quickly in lots of smaller pieces
  • Place in pot and melt on direct heat on the stove
  • Slowly add mica/s whilst stirring until you reach your desired colour
  • Once the desired colour is achieved take it off the heat
  • Add a few drops of essential or fragrance oil and stir to incorporate
  • Pour into one cavity of the mould and leave to set
  • Unmould once the soap is hard

Now you know the process, have fun combining colours to use the rest of the soap base.


  • Placing mould in the fridge speeds up the setting process. It’s recommended to place empty mould on a chopping board before pouring so you can easily transport it to the fridge once the mould is full.
  • M&P soap can sweat in some temperatures, so please wrap the final bars in clingfilm.

See our easy video tutorial

Please note this video is not specific to this particular pack. The same process still applies.

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