Coffee bean oil, roasted

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Coffee bean oil, Roasted


Coffea Arabica bean oil




Dark brown oily liquid

Plant part used

Roasted beans

Extraction method

Cold pressed







Usage rate

Safe up to 100% - though due to its strong colour and aroma it’s suggested usage is up to 20%

Typical fatty acid profile

Linoleic: 40 - 50%
Palmitic: 30 - 40%
Oleic: 6 - 9%
Stearic: 5 - 8%

Absorption rate

Average to Fast

Skin type recommended

Most skin types, especially dry and mature skin



Palm oil


Animal tested


Roasted coffee oil is dark brown in appearance and has a light to medium viscosity.

This oil is a fascinating as while it is technically a carrier oil, it is made up of a complex mixture of triglycerides and free fatty acids, predominantly linoleic acid, it also has a strong characteristic coffee aroma which makes it popular as a base note in perfumery, an industry usually dominated by essential oils.

The aroma of roasted coffee bean oil is said to stimulate positive and relaxing emotions, helping to lift mood and alleviate stress. Because of this there has been a rise in roasted coffee bean oil throughout the cosmetic community, particularly in aromatherapy and spa treatments.

Aside from its delightful aroma, roasted coffee bean oil is said to have a vast range of skin care uses. 

It also contains caffeine and is loaded with flavonoids which can help to provide protection from the effects of free radicals, help the appearance of puffy eyes and help improve the appearance of dark spots, maturing skin, and damage caused by UV rays.

It can be useful in the formulations for mature and/or dry skin, in products such as body butters, body scrubs, under-eye lotions or overnight creams and serums.

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Our carrier oils come in amber glass bottles with 28mm neck in volumes:
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1L and 5L: PET white plastic jerrycans.
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