Cream deodorant

Cream Deodorant with Magnesium Hydroxide

Cream deodorant with magnesium hydroxide

Our skin is naturally acidic while magnesium hydroxide is alkaline, which enables it to balance out the underarm environment & counteract odour-causing bacteria on the skin's surface. The sweat we create is actually odourless but underarm bacteria thrives on it which is what results in body odour. While antiperspirants stop us sweating & starve the bacteria, natural deodorants containing magnesium hydroxide & antibacterial essential oils make the armpit area an unpleasant place for bacteria to live & feed, resulting in less odour, naturally!

Makes approx 50g

Step one

15g kokum butter
2.5g shea butter, certified organic

Step two

15g cococaprylate
10g apricot kernel oil, certified organic

Step three
29g arrowroot power
25g magnesium hydroxide
7.5g white kaolin clay
5 drop essential oil - for antibacterial properties teatree or lavender are recommended.

Melt step one ingredients in a pot on the stove.
Once melted, take off the heat and add step two ingredients.
Incorporate step three ingredients with a stick blender, shaking the powders in slowly until completely mixed.
Pour into a 50ml pot and you're done!

Use you finger to scoop out a little and apply underarms.