Hair wax stick PACK

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Hair wax stick PACK

Make your own hair wax sticks! The key to achieving the perfect hairstyle on the go, providing a sleek and polished look with ease. 

Pack makes one large stick plus one bonus mini stick, perfect for your handbag to tame rogue strays and eyebrows!

Plus you can choose from an array of gorgeous fragrances!

Fills 1x large kraft tube and 1x small kraft tube 

Pack includes:  All the ingredients divided into three easy steps.
1 x large kraft tube, 1 x small kraft tube
No physical instruction sheets. Instructions are below.

What you'll need:
Heatproof jug, Mixing utensil (such as a glass stirring rod), pot, spatula.


Step one: Oil phase
Castor oil
Sunflower oil
Polysorbate 80

Step two: Wax phase 
Beeswax white
Conditioner pellets (BTMS 25)
Candelilla wax

Step three: Cool down phase
Vitamin E
Your choice of Fragrance oil (unless unfragranced)


  • Pour the contents of step one and step two into a heatproof jug.
  • Create a water bath by adding a small amount of water to a pot.
  • Place the heatproof jug containing step one and step two into the shallow water bath.
  • Stir the ingredients until completely melted. Careful not to let water splash into the mixture.
  • Carefully remove the jug from the water bath and incorporate the cool-down phase ingredients.
  • Pour the mixture into tubes and allow it to cool completely.
  • As the mixture cools it creates a little hole in the centre. Save some mixture to remelt and pour into the hole.
Tip: Often as the stick cools a hole can form in the middle, this doesn't matter for the function of the stick but you can save a little of the mixture, gentle remelt it and pour it into the hole to fill it up if you wish.

To use

  • With hair tied back, run the stick backwards from your face to slick down loose, frizzy hairs and fly aways.​​
  • Alternatively, rub the stick on the inside of your palm and use palms to gently smooth down frizz.
Always recommended to patch test before use.


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