Body butter PACK

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Body butter refill PACK

A DIY refill pack to make 200g of fabulous rich, natural body butter.

You will need:
2 small pots
stick blender
a spatula
container/s for the cream

The pack comes with the following ingredients:

Oil phase ingredients:
olive oil, EVO
beeswax, white
emulsifier O
cocoa butter, certified organic, deodorised, fair trade

Last phase ingredients
Microcare DB (preservative)
essential oil or fragrance oil of your choice from:
- vanilla essential oil, cosmetic grade
- chocolate fragrance oil
- geranium essential oil, therapeutic grade
- lavender essential oil, therapeutic grade
lemon essential oil, therapeutic grade
or unfragranced

Heat water* and oil phases separately to 65°C.
Combine the two phases and blend.
When the mixture begins to thicken, add the last phase ingredients and blend again.
Spoon into pots.

* You need 84g of water.
If you have no scales, empty the bottle the oil phase is in and fill it to the shoulder with water.
This will be approximately 84g.


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